The Greatest Act is to Inspire
Bringing Communities Together
Giving Children A Better Future
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Leadership • Hope • Character • Purpose

Watch A Snapshot of our Recent Christmas Event

Hello. Our organization is new to Arizona, but our team has worked diligently for the past 5 years to motivate, inspire and encourage as many communities as possible.

"We believe in the compassionate acts of every individual working toegther to make the world a better place."

It is important that we continue working together to build up our communities, by allowing members to insight hope, compassion help, volunteers passionate about helping others and making a positive difference in all communities fit in effect with our foundation.




Ernesto Jimenez

Vice President

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Foundational Principles:
The principles of 4 LIFE FOUNDATION provide a baseline of what we believe every community should possess. "A strong community should produce good leaders, instill hope, build character and encourage purpose."
The purpose of the 4 LIFE FOUNDATION is to motivate and encourage young individuals to believe in the endless possibilities that they are capable of accomplishing.
To impact as many lives as possible through positive interaction, youth empowerment, and community involvement.
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